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Beloved Mission was founded in 2022 with a single mission: to improve the health quality of life of children of underserved families in developing countries. Population of interest include low income, uninsured, disabled, and refugee families. We envision to bring about sustainable and enduring changes in developing countries such as Ethiopia. Our initiative includes the use of poverty screening tools in health care facilities to identify children and families who are in need of medication coverage assistance. We strive to provide a comprehensive support system to equip children, their families, and their communities to rise above the poverty line line and decrease disease burden.

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Binyam Hundito

I am a 3rd year medical student in Bethesda, Maryland with goals of becoming a pediatric surgeon in the future. My passion is to build up under-served communities, specifically pediatric populations, afflicted by poverty. I believe that life becomes more meaningful when we strive to serve others.


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MIntesenot Jakamo

I am a mechanical Engineer by training. Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Minnesota State university. My Passion is to empower youth to bring meaningful impact in society.


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Tina Ndam

I am a 3rd year medical student with goals of becoming an Obstetrics and Gynecology surgeon. My passion is to care for children and mothers affected by poverty and poor healthcare.

Assistant Coordinator

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Eyersualem Tadesse

I am a 5th year medical student in Bahirdar Medical School in Ethiopia. My future goal is to finish medical school and complete residency in General surgery. My passion is to bring loving and compassionate care to people that are suffering.


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Bissrat Tadesse

I am a medical student in Addisabeba, Ethiopia with future plans of bringing healthcare to poverty stricken regions in Ethiopia. I  also have passion in encouraging fellow medical students to become caring and compassionate physicians.

Site Director


Mesgana kebebe

I am a 5th year medical student in Addisabeba, Ethiopia. My future goal is to finish medical school and become a successful doctor. My passion is to help and bring joy to under-severed populations in developing countries such as Ethiopia.  Moreover,  I strive to be an instrument of God  to bless generations.

Patient Relations Manager

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Beza Leticho

I am finance student at Bethany Lutheran College. Currently, I am working as a Financial Analyst at BMO Financial Group. My passion is to serve and share with people what God has given me. I am beyond blessed to serve at Beloved Mission as Program Director. I believe we have responsibilities individuals, community, fellow believers in in Christ to help those who are in need.

Outreach coordinator


Henok Leticho

I am a Pre-medical student at the University of Northwestern, Minnisota. I am very passionate about serving God and people with everything I have, especially advocating for improving people’s health. In the future, I plan to become a physician and serve to make a difference in people’s lives and communities.

Social Media Coordinator

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Biruktawit Tadesse

I am 3rd year Pharmacy student in Ethiopia. My future goal is to bring necessary and essential medications to rural regions in Ethiopia that do not have access.

Site Coordinator

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"What great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God"


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